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More Vendor Info

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance must be held by each vendor.  The insurance is a business liability policy with limits of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence and 2,000,000.00 policy aggregate.

You must provide additional insured endorsements along with the certificate naming Aquafest Association and The city of Lake Stevens as additionally insured. So two endorsements

Aquafest Association of Lake Stevens                                                              City of Lake Stevens

PO Box 670                                                                                                                         1812 Main St

Lake Stevens, WA  98258                                                                                           Lake Stevens, WA  98258

You will turn in your certificates of endorsement at the registration/check-in desk on July 29th.  You will be turned away if you do not have the insurance.

Business License and Sales Tax

You are being asked for your Unified Business ID (UBI Number) It is required in the state of Washington to have a business license.

You are also responsible for collecting and reporting/paying Sale Tax to the State of Washington

The lake Stevens Local Code for reporting purposes is 3109 and the sales tax rate is    .090

If you have been told you need to upload more information to us or if you have something you want to add to your application you can do so here.

Vendor Committee Chair - Kathy Walter

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