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Vendors Registration


Registration for 2022 Returning Vendors from 2019 will open on March 15th, 2022

Registration for all vendors will open on April1st, 2022

If you register on between March 15th and April 1st and are not a returning vendor your registration will not be considered until the closing of registration on May 1st, 2022

Vendor applications are looked at on a first come first serve basis, however, the vendor coordinator will make the final determination of which vendors will be accepted at AQUAFEST 2022. You will be made aware of your acceptance or denial by May 15th, 2022 if your registration is denied, you will get a full refund by May 16th, 2022.


No registrations that are mailed will be considered.

See detailed vendor rules here - 

                                                                 By submitting the form you attest to                                                                                                                                                    reading and understanding the vendor rules !



As it has been for the past 5 years - Downtown Lake Stevens is still undergoing active construction. That construction WILL change the setup of the vendors. The number of vendors allowed and location of vendors has not been determined at this time. Those decisions will be made as we get closer to festival time hopefully in June or the first week of July. DO NOT request the same spot you had before - it doesn't exist!

Arts & Crafts Vendors - $150ea.

Registration is closed!

An Arts & Crafts Vendor is defined as a vendor who has made and/or created the items for sale.  Handcrafted goods that you have personally made or Art that you have personally created.

Commercial Food Vendor - $300ea

Registration is closed !

A commercial food vendor is a vendor who does this for a living even if just part time.

A non-profit food vendor is a vendor that is fundraising for a local non-profit organization such as a church or community service club etc.

Non-Food Truck or Trailer

Food Truck or Trailer - $900ea

Registration is closed!

A commercial food vendor is a vendor who does this for a living even if just part time.

A non-profit food vendor is a vendor that is fundraising for a local non-profit organization such as a church or community service club etc.

Non-Profit Food Vendor - $150ea

Registration is closed!

A Non-Profit Food Vendor is any vendor that is selling food as a fundraiser for their non-profit organization, 

Commercial Vendor - $250ea

Registration is closed!

A Commercial vendor is any vendor selling services or goods that they did not create.  Real Estate  or Insurance companies, window companies, manufactured toys, clothing that is purchased for resale, etc. these are just examples and not meant to be a complete list. 

Non-Profit Vendor - $150ea

A Non-Profit vendor is any vendor that is giving out information about their non-profit organization, whether to promote membership or fundraising. See the rules on fundraising.

Registration is closed!

Direct Sales Vendor - $250ea

Direct Sales Vendors are those participants that are representing a company that does direct sales such as Lulu Roe, Avon or Tupperware.

Registration is closed!

Electrical Power

We will have electrical power available.

For Food Vendors the fee for power is $50 payable when you register

For other Vendors - Power MAY be available depending on your location. The fee is $20 payable upon registration.

If you are not a Food Vendor and require an electrical connection. Please pay for it when you register. If you do not, we will assume you do not need it and site you appropriately. 

See extension cord dos and don'ts here.

Used Grease 

We will have approved receptacles for your used grease and oil. Please be careful when transporting grease and oil to this disposal area. Use only the drums that are for this use. Inform Aquafest staff of any spills so the appropriate action can be taken. This service is free of charge to you.

Speaking of Grease & Oil

The entire area where your booths will be located is brand spankin' new concrete.


Because of this we are instituting a new rule for all food vendors. All food vendors will be required to have a tarp on the floor of there booth especially under anywhere that grease or oil or other spills may occur.  Additionally, you will be required to have an absorbent material available to put on spills to absorb them. Clay type Kitty Litter works nicely! You will be held responsible for cleaning any spills that are in your assigned booth space or that were caused by you outside your booth space. 

Aquafest staff will be responsible for spills caused by festival participants

Vendor Committee Chair - Kathy Walter

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